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June 29, 2004

To Whom it May Concern,

After living in an apartment complex for the first two years of our marriage, we were fed up with it and desperately wanted to live in a house. Unfortunately, renting a house was too expensive and very few landlords would rent to people with pets. Buying was definitely not an option; we didn’t have any money saved for a down payment. One day on the way to play golf, my husband saw a sign that said “Lease to Own” in front of a house and wrote down the number. We called that day and went to see 2 houses. The 2nd one was exactly what we wanted, but we weren’t fooling ourselves into thinking we could qualify for it. Our credit was pretty bad! Triad Home Buyers laid out a plan for us to move into the house immediately and of how they were going to help us buy it. After making a relatively reasonable down payment, we moved in and 26 months later, we own our house. It was that easy. We even got a good mortgage rate because we made all of our payments on time and cleaned up our credit. We appreciate the service that Triad Home Buyers offers and are thankful that we will never have to rent again!

Sincerely, Jason & Jess Allen

It is always been our mission to help people achieve their dreams. Helping wonderful people find great places to live is just a great way to do that. If we’ve helped you in the past, please drop us an e-mail and we’ll add your words here so that you can help others feel as good as you by entrusting us with their needs, hopes and dreams.